Crisis Communication or crisis of our communication society ?

I don’t know, but I should like explain you why Communication is not exactly my cup of tea. Some explains us what is crisis-communication and how to identify it, understand what is happened and, with well chosen examples around us, how to manage it. Others explains us how to manage medias and, in fact, how to feed the monster without to be the food !

Right, perfect, all are good people and I really have pleasure to hear them. But.

Let me give you an image Frenchies have a proverb saying “higher climb up the monkey, better is the view on his ass” and, consecutively we can add : “before showing your butt, begins to check if they are clean”.

If you are white, jewish, rich and probably one of the most representative symbol of modern capitalism, it is not necessarily a good idea to have inappropriate relations with an African woman, black, muslim, emigrant, poor and employee of the five stars hotel where you slept! and even worse to rape her !

Another example

When your company manufactures cars and is the first in the world, when your profits are so big than a significant part of your shareholders don’t have to work to live, do you think it was so urgent to lie-and-cheat with the law?

Some calls that « crisis communication », not for me, for me that is not crisis communication, it’s only brain failure

To express my feeling, here I want to quote Durand, Guillaume Durand, a French journalist, inspired by Emile Cioran, Durand said “Man is only an oversized rat wrongly convinced of being the author’s own story”.

In another way some talk about ethic, what is ethic, who thinks what and why, how to have an ethical comportment, why it is important to have an ethical comportment in our job or especially when you are a journalist or in media etc, etc. And others explained us the Singapore’s agreement, a declaration of intention adopted by the community of researchers. And they explained how-important it is to have an ethical attitude when you are a PhD, even more when you are in charge of students… But we know some statistics where too much of the communications are handled in best case and we do talk too about “retraction watch”, “retraction watch”, is a website created to track fakes-scientific-articles, and we were amazed by the 5 hundred items removed per year for lies. Five hundred each year !

Ok, perfect. All have my respect and my sympathy. Sincerely, But ! one more time,

If 2 % of researchers are non honest people in general, it’s also true in France so, how many researchers have been revoked by the French ministry of education in the last 10 years ?

Zero ! When a researcher is convinced of lie and deception, the French ministry of education – responsible for the youth – prefer give more hours of courses than dismiss one of this bad boys. “Do what I say and do not say what I do” ? Is this the principle ? In this case, where is Ethic ? But nothing new since Shakespeare and Woody Allen : life is a farce and the plate too small.

Don’t get me wrong, I really understand how important is to understand crisis communication and how to manage medias, however please accept that I’m not really comfortable with this idea because I should prefer live in a true ethical society than in a society where crisis communication is the way for power.

One or two others reasons to disassociate myself from the crisis communication First of them is that crisis communication is the shroud that now covers democracy. Because we know that even goldfish do acquire memory with time.

Let me try to explain. “Iqra” is the first word of Quran and the holy Bible said “at the beginning was the verb” but too many words kills the verb. From Georges Washington to Donald Trump the way is paved of communication and when you give the Nobel of peace to someone without no other reason than her skin color, you kills the peace. Of even in France, from Pierre Joseph Proudhon to François Hollande, the way have been also paved of empty words. However there is a difference between old centuries and today, during Georges Washington or Proudhon there was more crisis than medias, today it’s the reverse !

So, Crisis Communication or crisis of our communication society ? I ask you it a new time.

Today a crisis communication requires 2 things : a crisis and a media… Actually no, for crisis communication, we just need a media. Do’nt worry if you have not a crisis for them, they will have one for you if you are just large enough to create the sound and able to sell paper or brain available in the words of a famous TV channel president !

I have an example to propose. Everybody knows IKEA. This company shines on all continents. Created in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, this company is clean. Actually, between 1943 and the end of last century, sixty years, we do not see any problem, no inappropriate comportment, no problem of management, no ecological problem, no health problem nothing important. and, when a beginning of problem appear it is immediately solved in the respect of the internal chart named IKEA-WAY. (I want to talk about polypropinol). But, aged of 16, in 1942 and during 10 years, Ingvar Kamprad has been seduced by a Swedish nationalist party and his leader, a kind of equivalent of Charles Maurras in France. Please, remember that his family was German, came from Sudetes, than those ideas was accepted by a lot of persons like Henry Ford or Kennedy – the father of – in United States as François Mitterand or André Bettencourt in France before war. When archives became free and revealed his accession to the Swedish national party, a journalist wrote a long paper about “Ingvar Kamprad the Nazzi”. A little bit excessive no ? The crisis have been managed perfectly by IKEA and today it is one of the best example of good practices. But I ask you a question : If Kamprad was not the man who founded IKEA , do you think this journalist would have written this paper and I give you another one : Why did he not write it about his own uncle who was in the same organization ? With this example we see how media are able to try to kill someone only to sell paper. Last week Bithia said “Manipulation” when Guilhem asked her one word to close the session. She was right but who is manipulated ? Who manipulating whom ?

For conclued By the way, the crisis manipulation is like dentist, nobody says that’s nice but everyone recognizes that we no have other choice.

André A. Anglade  Surveillance Economique, Ethique & Réglementaire

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